Descriptive Archive Project in Collaboration with SEBEDER

The Descriptive Archive Project, which was organized within the scope of Social Awareness Projects within the scope of SEC 101 course with the Audio Description Association (SEBEDER) in the previous academic years, was successfully completed once again in the 2020 Fall Semester. The artworks belonging to Özyeğin University Art Collection were selected in collaboration with ÖzÜArts in order to prepare the audio descriptions for this period. Eight works of art belonging to the collection were described by the students of the SEC 101 Social Awareness Project and took their place among the contents of SEBEDER so that the visually impaired can benefit without the help of anyone. You can click here to reach the booklet containing 8 works of art created with the descriptions of SEBEDER volunteers.


SEBEDER, which was institutionalized as the Audio Description Association in 2010 by continuing its audio description studies that started at Boğaziçi University Mithat Alam Film Center in 2006, with a small group, stated that their biggest goal is to pass the Audio Description Law. stated that they can benefit from visual and audio materials simultaneously and equally with everyone. Click to get detailed information about SEBEDER and to visit its website.