Thinking About Our Common Future Through Art


The 2021 Orientation Program was held online this year due to the pandemic. As the Sustainability Platform, we held 7 simultaneous online workshops under the title of "Thinking Our Common Future Through Art" within the framework of the Earth Hour events program.

Starting with the meaning of art in the age of climate crisis, we talked about the issues that shape our common future, such as poverty, education, hunger, gender equality, poverty, the city, etc., through the works in the corridors of the university and contemporary art movements.

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Making Inequalities Visible Through Art

Moderator: Doğa Çakmakçı

How aware are we of inequalities in our daily lives? How can we make these inequalities more visible? How can art help us at this point? In this session, we will try to increase our awareness, which forms the basis of change, by discussing inequalities in different areas of life from the perspective of art.

Gender Equality from the Art Framework

Moderator: Barış Çakmakçı

Are the traditional roles of men and women in society correct? Who determines the place and importance of women in social, political and economic life and how? How can we achieve gender equality through art? We will reinterpret the concepts of gender and society around the artworks in our school's collection.


A Painting and Poverty

Moderator: Sena Özgürcan

Will the gains made over time in the fight against poverty be lost with the pandemic? What role can art play to prevent this from happening? Can art be a thought-provoking tool to reveal their physically invisible poverty? In this session, we will discuss the role that art plays in poverty beyond the obvious.


Education, Art, Sustainability

Moderator: Ceyda Tahan

How aware are we of the importance of quality education for a sustainable future? At what points does education intersect with the arts and sustainability? What are the gains of this intersection set? In this session, we will discuss the partnership of quality education and art through the artworks in our school collection.

What Does Art Mean in the Anthropocene Age?

Moderator: Okan Pala

The climate crisis has ceased to be a somewhat abstract reality revealed by scientists, and has reached a dimension that deeply affects our lives. To stop and reverse this crisis, we need to make radical changes in our relationship with the world. Science has revealed/revealed what these radical changes should be, but these changes still have not been implemented. In this session, I wonder if art can be effective and integrate science to bring these changes into practice and lead to behavioral changes? We will chat about questions.


Thinking About the City, Our Common Living Space, Through Art

Moderator: Özlem Bahadır Karaoğlu

The right to the city is the right to change ourselves, to determine our own future by changing the city, says Lefebvre. What kind of city do we want? what kind of future?

We will talk about the present and possible future of the city through 3 works.


End Hunger, Art and Sustainability

Moderator: Murat Bayramoğlu

What does ‘End Hunger’ goal, which is one of the United Nations' Development Goals, mean in the Anthropocene Era?

Where is the cure for hunger? Industrial farming or ecological farming?