First Shares of OzU Artistic Memory Project Opened to Access

During the development phase of OzUArts (beta), which was designed as the interactive, digital art platform of Özyeğin University,  we were pleased to see that all of us have interacted with different artworks on our campus without even realizing it. Each artwork has taken on a different and personal meaning for us.  Launched to make this interaction visible, the OzU Artistic Memory 2021 has been brought to a successful completion with the valuable contributions of the Özyeğin members. And today, we are pleased to open our Artistic Memory 2021 Booklet to your access. Artistic Memory 2021 Booklet is a culmination of the collective contributions of our stakeholders who participated in the project by filling out the Artistic Memory form and submitting their original collage works. Bringing to light the bonds which have gone unnoticed even by ourselves, the project once again shows the multidimensionality of our relationship with the University and the campus.

We hope that as the first collective project Özyeğin University has ever conducted in the field of arts, the OzU Artistic Memory Project will pave the way for many more projects to come in this field, and we look forward to taking part in new artistic projects with our stakeholders.


Click here to view the Artistic Memory Booklet.